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Your success. Every one has seen limo tint or one way glass tinting, and these techniques can be applied almost anywhere. Since window tinting reflects light it acts as a one way mirror allowing you to see out while preventing others from seeing in. Most all window films reduce exterior visibility, but certain types of tint that contain sputtered aluminum, known as "high performance-metalized films", increase this effect. Mirror tinting is also available, which uses a thin metal layer to completely reflect exterior light.


Meet our team. Over 10 Years of experience in window tinting and auto detailing. Always here to help you with best solution for your auto window tint with best films in country. 

We are were 24/7 to answer all your questions about window films and pricing. Simply e-mail us with your question, we will be there to support you with our best. 


You will not regret choosing Us


Suntek Films

Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc., a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company has revolutionized the manufacturing and marketing of solar control window films with
its portfolio of SunTek products. Over the years, we have built the most technologically advanced window film manufacturing facility in
the world. This cutting-edge facility is the cornerstone of ou commitment to innovation, advanced engineering, and the window
film industry.


4093 Oceanside Blvd A
Oceanside CA 92056

760-724-2707 Fax

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